Friday, March 20, 2009

I have visited the Air Force bone yard in Tucson before. This is where they have planes saved for use later or for spares for what they have.This year I went down the street to a private junk yard where they take the items that have been totally stripped and recover the base metals. They also let you wonder through a lot of the area.

Old jet engines fascinate me. The old burner tubes. I would love to take one apart.
Instruments are useful.
Landing gear and wing tanks.
Old F-86 Fuselage's. These are at least 50 years old. Someone just doesn't have the heart to melt them down.
Jet canopies. What could you use these for?
Old radial engines are works of art.
It looks like they needed the jugs, but not much else.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

....A Sky Watch That Goes

I took my wife to a nearby wetlands area to check on some wild swans and an eagle nest we saw last Tuesday. One Bald Eagle was sitting in a tree a long way off, see the header. It took off and flew almost over our head and I was able to catch it in flight. They are pretty fast when they want to be. To see a Bald Eagle in flight is breathtaking. Thanks to the people that sponser the Sky Watch Friday. Follow the link to the rest of the Sky Watch Friday Blogs.