Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kites can really go

I was able to do one of my favorite things this week. Fly a kite. Considering my current employment condition I should have been flying more. Mary likes to photograph clouds so we both got to do our thing.I really like stunt kites which give you total control, you can even fly the kite down or do loops.
Here I am flying horizontal. Please play close attention to Mary's clouds.

Trying to gain altitude after flying close to the ground. The following video gives you a quick view of flying. The wind was light so it limited the speed and performance.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Autocross Season

I have gotten behind on posting autocross photo's. The first autocross was back in May. You can tell its the first by the amount of grass growing up through the concrete. The second autocross is one we put on for the local performance car part company. All kinds of American iron showed up for that one.

Porsche headed into the first left hander.Bob's LeGrand headed toward the finish.Craig's real Super 7.Paul's Porsche with plenty of tires.Trying to take your Datsun through the lights backwards is not the fastest way.Beautiful July day. Big iron lining up in the grid.A GTO. Maybe not the best handling car but it looked great.An old Chevy made to look old was pushed hard until a radiator hose gave up.This Camaro was immaculate and with the custom air ride suspension cornered flat and flew.Same cars carbon fiber splitter and wheel. Beautiful.This Camaro was really nice but had way too much engine for the suspension.Another fast air ride Camaro.The Orange Camaro beat this Porsche by 2 seconds. Yikes!