Monday, September 22, 2008

Cars That Went and Go

A brief history of the more interesting cars in my life.'58 Chevy convertible. Was so rusted up if you opened both doors at the same time they wouldn't close without you jacking up the center of the car. Burned a quart a week in its 348.

62 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce Spyder. Unbelievable car unless you are in college trying to finish your degree. College or Alfa pick one only.72 Datsun 240Z. Bought it within two weeks of graduating. Drove it off of the show room floor, still have it after 36 years!

'76 Mike built. Z wasn't fast enough. Built my own Formula V. Won the '79 Central Division SCCA D-Mod championship in a driving rain. Not enough power to spin the tires.

Actually a kit car based on a Chevy Chevette. Just because I could!

'67 Lotus 41C Formula B car. Only car I have ever owned that the frame even leaked oil. Got to love the British! But a wonderful car! Colin knew how to build them.

March Cosworth 79A Formula Atlantic. I can't describe how fast and neat this car was.

Same car with the full body work on. Competing at the SCCA Solo II Nationals in Topeka KS.

Current daily driver Volkswagen GTI 1.8 Turbo. Easy to modify and make go really fast, old mans race car.


brucesc said...

Hi Mike--good for you for starting a blog. I'm sending the URL to my son--he'll like that car stuff.
Don't forget you're going to come see us next time you go to Kiawah

Melissa said...

I had no idea you had owned so many different racing type cars. I only remember the alfa romeo and the z. I might have seen the lotus once too. I don't remember the 58 chevy. That looks like the worst car in the universe. ;}

Mike said...

I only paid $200 for the Chevy. It was sad.

Sandy said...

That was fun seeing your cars. I am going to go send this link by email to my Mike, so he'll see it next time he's on his laptop. He will enjoy this.

Eve said...

Whoa Mike!! We love things that go here too! He my twin brothers built and drove a formula V back in the early 70's. They raced at Watkins Glenn and Loudon NH! I was just thinking of that today because of Paul Newman's death...he was there when we were there. I was a kid of 14. Here's what they do now..
I've got it in my blood. I drive a Subaru WRX and a Suzuki Katana. My favorite car of all time...66 chevy chevelle!! I'll be back to check out all your things that go!!!

Eve said...

Hi Mike,
Yes that is my brother John's business. He was all set up to move to California and take of the Manx business from Bruce Meyers but it fell through. John is in Cape Cod and it is his life's dream to do this. I would love to sit in one of those Manxters...I hope to get to the cape next summer to do just that.

Mustang Mike said...

Hi Mike. Your wife gave me the link to your site. I would like to put a link on my site, Mike's Show-N-Shine to encourage my people to see your site. I love it! I am an old Navy man, serving from 66-70.
Thanks for sharing your photos. Oh, by the way, I do believe that is a 59 Chevy in the picture. The 58 was much different looking. Both had the 348 available. Tri-power was the big thing back then!!
Mustang Mike