Monday, April 27, 2009

....and Things That Go by Human Power

While taking my wife to a local nature reserve I stumbled upon Civil Engineering students from My Alma Mater practicing with their concrete canoes.
Girls team

U of E. When I went we didn't get to do such fun stuff. They now build Formula SAE cars, Off road car and such.
Boys team. They didn't seem too energetic. The girls were the other direction.

This is Sam. We go to church together. Sam was showing off his new 24 speed trike that he is planning to ride across the US starting in Maine this June. He got the bike last week and put 300 miles on it in 5 days. Sam is quite the character. He had a bad motorcycle wreck when he was 16 and his right arm doesn't work and his right leg barely works.

I think this is his plan to scare off big semi's.

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