Monday, May 3, 2010

...race cars Go

I got to crew this last weekend at the Mayday National at Heartland Park in Topeka Kansas. Because I was working most of the weekend I didn't get a lot of chances to get pictures, but I caught a few here and there with one short video at the end. When we get the in car footage I may include some more. Here is our paddock area. Front of car.
Rear of car. Always fiddling and diddling with things.
A Miata and a VW Golf going through turns 2 and 3.

The Golf is one of the popular small sedans.
A Lotus Super 7.
A Miata passing an SRF on the outside.
This Formula Atlantic wasn't having a good day.
Turn 4 and 5 is a busy place at the start of a race. The following video is from the regional race for Formula Atlantic's, Formula Continentals, C Sports racers and D Sports racers. This was our class but we didn't run the regional. We were saving ourselves for the National race Sunday.


rob ijbema said...

wow what a nice little prototype muke,couldn't think of a better way to spend mayday!

Mike said...

We had the fastest car by 3 seconds so it was a disapointment when the header failed and Tom had to nurse it home. Being Kansas we went through sun, wind, rain, even hail and back to sun in two hours.But your right a weekend racing is great even with an 8 hour tow each way.