Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Formula 1 Cars Go

2007 US GP
Talking about things that GO, F1 cars go. The US GP is gone. A certain short chubby person that wants all of the money has fixed that. It was such a fun event. We even let the Fins come. Maybe that wasn't the smartest but they know how to have a good time.At the end is a video of the start that I thought would be easy to do. Wrong!
Looks like the red cars were chasing the silver cars.

The race for 5th was the best racing all day.

One of the support races was the Formula BMW.

These guys aren't afraid of anything!

All alone.

Some young kid.


rob ijbema said...

excellent mike
i did enjoy the video
its all in the past now
thanks to that little man
they took away zandvoort ages ago

Mike said...

Thanks for visiting Rob. The US GP was great. It was half way between my brother and I. We would meet there with our sons and have a great time.

lusia said...

Hi Friend,My Blog walking with a smile,hope you'll do the same.thanks.

ascu75 aka Don said...

good shots cheers for sharing