Monday, December 29, 2008

Sometimes things don't go!

Winter is the time for garage racing!
I took these at a friend's.
These aren't going now, but just wait for good weather.
What could be under these?
What could possibly be under this? A car cover and cardboard. A big V8 wrapped in plastic.

This doesn't help much.
Carts! I asked why 4? One for tracks, one for street circuits, one for a friend and one for sale.

OH! A Sunbeam Tiger in tube chassis form.

New fiberglass body panels.

A TR2 in wonderful condition.

Pretty in here. Cleaner than a Triumph should be.

A Norton.

Another Norton

Finally the fab shop. What a wonderful place to spend the winter.


rob ijbema said...

wow all of that in one garage!
i don't even have a garage let alone all that stuff...
have a great 09 mike!

Mike said...

Rob,I thought you would like some of these. I am going to try and hit another friends garage this Saturday.

Eve said...

Oh wow, is this all in your and Mary's garage??? Yee haww! I once rode in a TR3A Lovely car. I love the Norton too! Very cool!

Mike said...

Eve, unfortunatly this isn't my garage. It is a good friends. Mine has my 240Z in it.

Eve said...

Ok Mike, a 240Z is good too...but you're gonna have to get something with two wheels in there with it!

Mike said...

Eve, I used to have a bike. As a matter of fact when I was dating Mary it was winter and I had my Honda in my bedroom, used it as a cloths horse. Once I got fast 4 wheels under me and spun several times two wheels weren't as attractive.

Babooshka said...

I could see these at the TT.

Paul said...

Awesome looking TR2!

ascu75 aka Don said...

Mike can I come and play in the garage I dont take up much room just need space for the wheelchair to get through . Love to you both Don

Mike said...

ascu75 aka Don, Sorry but it's not mine and Barry charges pretty good rent.