Monday, July 18, 2011


My wife and her sister wanted to go to Shipshewana, IN to do some shopping.
 This is an Amish area in northeastern IN.
There was a Hudson museum in the town and I thought "How many Hudson's have the Amish owned?
Boy was I in for a surprise! It is an outstanding Museum.
The Hostetler Collection. Almost one of every year built.
From The first Hudson's a 1909 Model 20 
 A 1911 model 33 Speedster
 A 1917 race car
 1927 Firetruck
Hudson tried everything
 1928 Town Car. A little more upscale.
 A 1929 Mail truck. A little more utilitarian.
 A 1936 Rumble seat convertible Series 65. A little too yellow.
Yes Hudson raced NASCAR and won.
 Some of the cars were over restored but this one wasn't one of them.
A partial view of the collection

This 1928 Convertible tucked back in one corner just happened to be a winner of....

 It's class at the 2009 Pebble Beach!!!!!!
What a collection.


George said...

Thanks for the tour of this fascinating museum. My Dad had a Hudson and really liked it.

Mike said...

Thanks for stopping by. This is really a great museum.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Mike that looks more fun than fabric shops .............. that 1936 Rumble seat convertible Series 65. is VERY VERY Yellow. The mail truck and the fire engine are more me and my grandson would love to see the Hornet he is always watching the movie 'Cars' . Great stuff and thanks for posting. Don