Wednesday, October 15, 2008

...Autocross goes

Here are a few views from the last autocross of the year.An autocross starts with walking. Here an experienced driver walks the novice's through the course. See the video at the end for a view at speed.
A little bit of everything usually shows up.

Two mild mannered econobox's. Maybe.

The Miata corner.

Old race cars can run for ever.

Some old race cars run forever very fast!

One of Paul's runs in real time.


Eve said...

Wow that looks fun fun fun Mike! I would love to bring my WRX out there, she's a quick little car!! The video is great!! Was that the green porsche???

Mike said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes, the green car is a Porsche. WRX's make great autocross cars. The white one in the photo is an STI. FAST!

Eve said...

Hi Mike,
I saw that STi. My dream car!! I'm so close but just about $6000.00 off!!!! This year...probably $10,000.00 off!!!

2sweetnsaxy said...

This isn't something I'd do but it sure looks like fun! Cool!

Mike said...

It is almost too much fun. It turns you into an adrenaline junky.
I never could talk Mary into trying it though.

Mary said...

I'd rather watch (and take photos)....well, I used to like to watch! I've sat in enough parking lots and old airports to last a lifetime! The race cars were pretty exciting when you had those :-)