Sunday, October 19, 2008

St. Louis Transportation Museum

The St. Louis Transportation Museum has a huge amount of train engines. These include the biggest diesel and steam locomotives ever built. Which are really impressive.

This is one of the two only "Big Boy" steam engines that were built. They were built during WWII to pull the heavy trains of war materials from coast to coast.
The Big Boy was a 2-16-4. It had two sets of eight drive wheels and the engine was so long the the drive wheel sets are articulated in the center with their own sub-frames. Again they proved the old axiom that there are size limits to everything. They were just too big and consumed too many resources.

This is a very early streamliner. It began a trend during the 20's and 30's.

Here is a GM streamliner from the 50's. I see some of the same lines that were in the 57 Chevy.

A huge snow plow for mountain work.

This engine was just too happy for its own good.

This is the way to go to school. I don't remember where this was used.

The last thing I expected to see at the train museum...a Tug Boat!


Becky and Gary said...

This museum looks like a place we'd like to visit for sure. It's so great that these old locomotives are preserved. Most of the younger generation would have no idea of the massave power and size of these vintage diesels and steam locos. A school bus on rails. I didn't know they exhisted. A worrysome way to transport children I would think, but it would be unlike any other way to get to school..

Mike said...

I thought you guys would like this place. It has some really rare pieces of trains and engines. I thought that the Big Boys were scrapped at the end of the war and then to find this one in St. Louis was like finding a gold mine.

rob ijbema said...

love that chevy stream liner,what a character!

Mustang Mike said...

Yeah, Rob, I agree. I, too, can see the influence of the 57 Chevy. Man, Mike, that is so cool. Thanks for the shots. I remember seeing an old steam engine in the Henry Ford Museum that was like two stories high. I also agree that the youngsters can't imagine the power that was put on rails....Mustang Mike....

katty said...

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