Saturday, October 11, 2008


My favorite airplane is one that really goes..... There are a couple of reasons that I like this plane. 1. It is the fastest operational plane ever built.

2. It was one of the last planes designed using slide rules.

Since I was one of the last groups of engineering students to learn and use slide rules I feel a real attachment. The tire in the banner has so much aluminum in them to dissipate heat that the rubber even looks silver. Even inside this plane the temperature was extremely high.

What is it? The SR-71

Here is one at Wright-Paterson
Here is one at the Pima museum in Tucson AZ. This one also has one of the RC drones that they could launch into real tough places.

Another view of the one at Wright-Pat.

One on display at Eglin AFB in Florida.

This one is in Balboa Park San Diego CA.

Mobile AL is home to this one along with other planes at the USS Alabama museum.

The Boeing Museum in Seattle has a YA-12. A two place plane that the CIA used.

HMMM. Wonder what for?


Mustang Mike said...

Your pictures are great. I actually got to see one of these up close and personal. What a remarkable flying wing. I linked you to my site. I want my readers to see your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Mustang Mike

Mike said...

Thanks for the compliment. I thought I would never see one and I have gotten to see all of these.