Saturday, October 25, 2008

March 79A Outside In

Here is the anatomy of a 70's vintage Formula Atlantic Race car.This is a March 79A chassis #4. March only built 3 of the 79A's. They were originally set up for Formula 3 (I think) in Europe. Doug Shierson here in the US bought it and had March rework it to Atlantic specs, hence the chassis #4. The car weighed 1130 LBS. WITHOUT driver.
The basic aluminum tub with a forged aluminum front bulkhead and a machined magnesium rear bulkhead. This view shows the sub frame that carries the radiator and front body work

Right side rear view.
Rear end showing the wing mounted to the transmission, oil cooler and sway bar

View of the office.
Notice all of the room.
I'm 6'-4" and there was room for me.
By 1980 Atlantic's became sized for less than ample people.
Notice the brackets for supporting the side pods are different on the right and left. I think this is because March just did what was needed. nothing sophisticated.
Cosworth BDD engine, 1600cc. Approximately 200 HP.
It would turn 10,000RPM and sound sooo good.
Hewland FT 200, 5 speed transmission w/ inboard brakes
The rear suspension was definitely different than most.
It has a lower "Z" arm with a single trailing arm.
The front edge of the trailing arm could be adjusted high to low and the lower "Z" arm had extra toe adjustment. However nothing seemed to change as things were adjusted.
It was very neutral - almost too much.
By the way---FAST!!!


rob ijbema said...

thanks for these pics mike,i love this car!
remember it so well from F3 when i was a kid,even made a modelcar of it,from cardboard and plastecine...
the warsteiner version of helmut henzler...

Mike said...

I'm glad you liked it. It was a neat car to have and I do miss it at times. I broke the transmission a week before we went to England and Wales and I found out the Hewland spares were really cheap over there so I bought everything I needed and had them shipped home.