Thursday, April 8, 2010

The ever popular Tatra brand

The Lane Museum has the largest collection of Czechoslovakia cars out side of you know where. Today I am going to show you the Tatra's they have. These are very interesting. The 1958 Tatra T-603. When the communist ran the country they decided they needed a big fancy car for party officials only, this is it.
This is a 1947 T-87. It was designed in 1936. After Germany took over the country in WW2 all of the German officers wanted one. It is rumoured that so many officers died driving the cars that they were outlawed from driving them. They had an air cooled engine so they didn't freeze up during the Russian invasion.

A 1934 T-57 Roadster

1950 Tatra 607 Monoposto. They built this car to run in Formula 1. Yes that is what I said Formula 1. Now don't laugh! They used it to test their V8 engine for the T-603. The peoples car that was only for the party officials.
This is the 1942 Aeroluge. This car was asked for by Hitler. He thought this would help them speed across the snow in Russia. They only built one prototype which is in the Tatra Museum. This one is a reproduction built from original parts.

This is the 1925 T-11 built for the Targa-Florio.


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I enjoy seeing your Lane Museum photos. Keep them coming.

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Thanks for stopping by. I have a ton more pictures comming.