Wednesday, April 14, 2010

...three wheels are better than Four?

The lane collection of three wheelers is outstanding. Some of the "most interesting".This is one of Mary's pictures and unfortunately we didn't get much info on this car, but it is quite the looker. I don't know which is its best feature, the trunk in the front, the sidewinder starting handle or the wood trim pieces. No, its the nifty luggage rack!
Of course a lot of the micro cars are three wheelers. If you are going to leave off a lot of the car might as well leave off one of the wheels.

This is a 1950 Martin Stationette. I think it started life as a roll top desk and somebody left a gasoline engine in one of the drawers.
The 1932 Martin Martinette. Words fail me.
This is a 1934 B.S.A. TW33-10. This was a four cylinder car and they sold over 1700 of them. I have several friends that have old B.S.A. bikes and I bet they didn't know they were once in the car business. This is realy a very nice car.

Whats missing here? This is a 1958 Coronet. I liked this styling cue to make you think it had 4 wheels? This had a fiberglass body and Triumph front suspension.
Th 1948 Davis Divan got it's name from the fact that it is so wide that the front seat, the only seat, can seat four across just like a divan. What inspiration. There were only 16 built and every one still exists in private collections.
Four across if your all real good friends. I don't think we have seen the end of three wheelers and I wonder if the next one will have two wheels in front or in the rear.


Tony nile life said...

nice one mike glad to see you have taken one of the bsa but the car I had was identical to the mg the one behind, not in racing green though.
only mg's were in racing green.

Mike said...

This museum has quite a group of MG's. The owner was given an old worn out TD when he was 12. He restored it and took his driving test in it when he was 16. They have the whole families MG collection. Three TF's one TC and the TD. I repainted my Lotus in BRG and doubled the value.

Tony nile life said...

strange the solyto is 1959 and the registration is 1971. thats if its a british plate.