Friday, April 9, 2010

more things that go from the Lane Museum

The Lane Museum also has four different propeller driven cars. I had the Tatra yesterday and here are the other three.This is a 1929 Wind Wagon. The plans were published in The Boy Mechanic magazine and this one was built by Sam Posey's uncle. Posey refered to this vehicle in his book "The Mudge Pond Express" and this was it.
This is the Harley-Davidson engine that powered this 1919 Leyat Helico. The car is a reproduction because none survived. Again this was built from original plans
More airplane than car. They didn't realize the efficiency lost through being propeller driven.
This view looks like Jules Verne designed it.
The 1932 Helicron. This one is original. Just think what lawyers would do with this today.
Just too cool.


Tony nile life said...

Nice post Mike keep them coming.
nice to see these old masterpieces. in 1962 I had a BSA sports same design as the MG. this sports car was owned and bought new for 145 english pounds in 1943 by the previous owner P J Probert one of the wireless operators on board the ww11 Lancaster bombers.

richies said...

I saw the Helicron featured on the TV program "My Classic Car". What an unusual and maybe not to well thought out car.

An Arkies Musings

Mike said...

Tony, They have a three wheel BSA that I will be showing latter with all of their three wheelers.

Richies, "My Classic Car" is done here in Evansville where I live. Except of course they are usually travelling somewhere else. Have you heard of the "Frog Follies"? Our big show held each year.