Sunday, April 11, 2010

So small I would need two

The Lane Museum Has a great collection of micro cars.Of course they would have a Messerschmitt with picnic basket.
1926 Hanomag with wooden spokes.

Just a few of their micros.

A Goggomobile Dart with a special body.

And of course the Peel.
When I see one of these I always think of Clarkson driving one through the BBC studio.


richies said...

I saw the Peel on Top Gear. That was just too funny.

An Arkies Musings

Tony nile life said...

Yep that Clarkson thought came to me.
I mean he is a big guy how he got into it in the first place gets me.
nice selection.

Mike said...

Tony, I am slightly bigger than Clarkson and Mary may have apicture of me next to the Peel. I couldn't get in. They have a 2CV that you can sit in and get your picture taken. I couldn't get in that!