Thursday, May 14, 2009

A.J. Made Things Go

Here are two of the cars that A.J. Foyt drove to wins. The first is the 1967 car for his third win. It was a Coyote (Foyt's) chassis and a Ford engine
Notice the chassis offset to the left for left turn ovals only.
They were starting to pay attention to aerodynamics.

Zoom in for all the info.
I love the little flipped up tail.

Here is the 1977 winner his 4th winner. This car was all Foyt's even the engine was a Foyt. It was still pretty close to the Ford Cosworth.
I really like the lack of restoration on this car. It is pretty much the way it came off of the track. Notice the nice high tech rope for pulling the protective plug out of the turbo. You can also see the sideways "T" part of Foyt cast in the engine cam cover.

The engine and mechanical bits are still oily and a light covering of dust. They keep the body shiny but that is all. The cover plate on the header was where they bolted on the pop off valve to control the amount of boost.

Really nice sway bar adjuster.


rob ijbema said...

oh yes!
fantastic cars and fantastic pics mike
wonderful details and craftman ship in those days

Mike said...

Thanks. The nice thing about the Indy Museum is that you can get real close to the cars and normally, not counting May, you can take your time and really look at them and get good pictures.