Saturday, May 23, 2009

Carb Day at Indy

Here are a few pictures and videos from Carb day at Indy. Carb day consists of one hour of practice to get your race setup. When you get to a video TURN UP THE VOLUME!Here are the cars getting ready. For your $10 you also get to go almost anywhere at the track to watch.
After practice if you go to the right spot you can get all kinds of good pictures.

One of many I took as the cars headed back to Gasolene Alley.

This old guy shows up every year for the 500.

Start of the Indy lights race. It was a very good race from the top 5 guys.

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Mustang Mike said...

Are these videos shot with your digital camera? Mine has a feature to do that but I have never figured it out! Neat sound, by the way. Like I was there, only I could still think!