Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Misc. cars at the Indy museum

One of the great things about the Museum at Indy is that they like race cars, any race cars. So they have some really cool cars from other forms of racing that you can see.The 1991 Benetton. Driven by two guys named Schumacher and Patrese. I think some guy named Brawn was involved with this car also.
Oh, look! A diffuser, what does that do for a car?

Going back to the roots though, here is a 1906 Renault. Lets put Alonso in this and I bet he would get everything he could out of it and then some.

Do you think Aerodynamics is the new trick? This is the 1906 Laurin & Klement which is in the lineage of the current Skoda company. Look at the nose, sloped for extra downforce. Notice the fin in the back. It was actually tied into the steering to help get the rear end around corners without skidding. A movable aero device to help with oversteer.
A 1907 Italia.
What collection doesn't need a Bugatti. Here is a 1929 model 35-B.

Front view.
1954 Mercedes W196. Does this look like a 55 year old design?

1961 Birdcage Maserati. I wish I could get a picture with the skin off.

A rare Scarab. An American race car that competed in several levels of racing.

Their 1965 Ferrari 250LM. One of the prettiest Ferrari's ever built. This car won the 1965 24 Hour of LeMans.

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