Friday, May 8, 2009

The car that changed American racing!

Here is the 1961 Cooper-Climax driven by Sir Jack Brabham. American racing was stuck it a rut. They had taken the roadster design as far as it could go. This car qualified for 9th and finished 9th. Not very earth shaking, but it did. A lot of people fought for several more years to run roadsters but they were doomed.I wish they had put this car next to a roadster to show the size difference. This car is tiny.
Front suspension. An adjustable shock and a simple swaybar adjustment.

Simple rear suspension.
Nice and simple office space.
Here you can see the large gas tank.
Doesn't look like a world changing car.

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rob ijbema said...

love that lil' cooper,like to take it home in a small bag and cudlle it,hehe
bet it still looks small next to this years cars